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When the first crew of space pirates retired, it was with enough wealth in asteroid minerals to comission the construction of a large space station way out in the Pluto-Charon system. Far outside of colonized space, the newly minted pirate lords started a comfortable life beyond the reach of every sovereign power operating in the Sol system. While not completely self-sustainable, the station was able to function on its own for the several weeks it took shipments to come in from the colonies.

Inevitably, word of this success spread, and within months tens of thousands of would-be star buccaneers had taken to the vacuum with ideas of making off with a similar fortune.

As it turns out, space piracy is a domain to which first-mover advantage applies quite a bit. It didn’t take long for the asteroid mining corporations to realize what was happening. They started sending armed escorts out with mineral transports, and before long space piracy was not an easy way to make money. Rather, it turned into a good way to get imprisoned or killed for all but a small group of especially skilled professionals.

That is to say, the crew of The Marietta were the last space pirates in the Sol system to comission a space station. Which meant business was good for them. They opened their doors to the few thousand people who were good enough pirates to make a living of it, and made their space station available, for a price, as neutral ground for negotiating the purchase and sale of stolen goods.

Soon enough, Pluto’s man-made satellite was the most lively hub of space piracy within the confines of the Kuiper Belt.

And so The Pulsar Cafe was born.

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